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5 Easy Ways to Conserve Water

5 Easy Ways to Conserve Water

The world needs water, simply put. With a prevalent water crisis going on in Flint, Michigan, it is important we try to understand the value of saving water. It shouldn’t be a daunting task, so we’ve compiled some quick and easy ways we can try to save water this year. 

  1. It’s common knowledge we need to make a habit of drinking water daily. Water hydrates us! But have you ever found yourself picking up a water bottle to drink, and then realized an hour later, you’ve left a half empty bottle to sit? Try pouring your water into a cup as opposed to drinking from the actual bottle. You can control the water you’re drinking so you don’t forget about it hours later.Conserving
  2. When washing dishes, if you’re like me, you sometimes forget to turn off the faucet. We can waste as little water as possible by completely turning off the faucet and focusing on one dish at a time. If you need an extra rinse, turn on the tap for that dish or plate alone, and resume washing. Any ounce of effort makes a huge difference when conserving H20. Conserving
  3. Let’s just say we’re in dire need of some dishwasher action. Avoid wasting water by simply waiting until the rack is completely filled prior to hitting the power button. Utilizing a full dishwasher is great for conserving water. Bonus– this is a perfect addition to help you go green!Conserving
  4. Here’s a tip—you don’t NEED to have water running while you’re brushing your teeth. You don’t want to be wasteful now do you? We didn’t think so. Take a stab at the conserving craze by brushing your teeth while the faucet is off. Turn it back on when you’re done brushing. You’ll find you can still complete your morning routine just as effectively.Conserving
  5. If you can, try not to use the toilet as the water soluble trash can. Bottom line, only flush when you need to. It helps conserve water and avoids wasteful tendencies. Conserving


If you’ve made it this far in the blog, you’re already a step closer to making some great changes toward conserving! Try a couple, if not all of these easy tips and let us know what you think.

For other helpful and quick tips for conserving water, check out What’s Your Water Footprint?

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