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5 Bedroom Essentials For The Home

5 Bedroom Essentials For The Home

The New Year is upon us and you guessed it– it’s time for a change.

Now, you might be thinking you already have your New Year’s todo’s ready to go, but consider sprucing up the most important room in your home– your bedroom!

 Here are five bedroom essentials to help give you the inspiration you need. 

Furniture That Maximizes Space


There are definitely items you can do without in your bedroom. It’s never too early to start your spring-cleaning and start doing away with all the items you meant to get rid of. Purchase furniture that maximizes space. A bed frame with drawers or a headboard with a bookshelf are great ways to maximize space. If your style is big and bold, opt for a larger piece of furniture to store all of your items (ensure this piece of furniture can hold most of your storage items).



Lighting is such an important part of what makes or breaks a bedroom. If you’ve never thought about making use of your windows, now is the time. Make sure to open the blinds in your room every morning. All the natural light can make your room feel like it’s doubled in size. You can also add extra lights to accessorize, which in turn creates a warm ambiance.

A Place To Sit That’s Not The Bed


Extra seating in the bedroom adds that extra flare and style. You can find tons of great storage ottomans for any room. This can double as a place to sit and read and as another storage piece to maximize space in your bedroom. If you’re looking for something more stylish and antique, try adding a bench.



If your bedroom’s on the plain side and you’re not sure what else to do to spruce it up, try adding a rug. A rug instantly gives your room pizzazz. No matter the type of flooring you have in your bedroom, a rug adds a lot from a design perspective, not to mention how great it feels to step on a warm, fuzzy fabric during the winter mornings.



Once you’ve maximized all the space in your bedroom, it’s important to customize the items to your liking. Try adding one of your favorite art pieces or photographs. Not only would this personal touch look great, but it’ll also add sentimental value. You can get creative with the décor and add accents to your walls or even include additional mirrors.

Your bedroom is a place you make your own. It’s never too late to make changes.

Take the initiative and try some of these ideas to improve your room this year. For more ideas on how to update your modern oasis, check out 4 fall décor pieces to update your home.

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