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5 Air Travel Essentials

5 Air Travel Essentials

Summer is right around the corner, and that means vacation season! Many of us know air travel can be a hassle with the long delays, longer check-in lines, and canceled flights.

But we’re here to help with this short and sweet list of five essential carry-on items you should have to make your flight a bit more enjoyable.



Headphones were by far the most common answer to this question when we asked around. Although small talk with a stranger can be nice, having something to fill the awkward void on your next travel venture is even nicer.




The second most popular answer people gave us was a pillow/neck pillow. Whether you’re traveling to the next state over or halfway across the world, a neck pillow is a must-have to help you keep your cool. Don’t forget it!



I don’t know about you but the last time I was engaged enough to watch a movie on a plane was…never. Don’t spend hours on end twiddling your thumbs, bring something to do! Whether it’s a book you’ve been yearning to start or your favorite handheld video game, keeping yourself occupied will make for a much smoother flight.



Changes in altitude can lead to uncomfortable “plugged ears”. To avoid this aggravating sensation, bring along something to munch on to alleviate any congestion as it comes. Chewing gum, pretzels, and popcorn should be fine (remember, no gels or liquids).



Again, another obvious answer but also often forgotten. Portable phone chargers are available at most electronic retailers, so there’s no reason for you to miss out on binge playing Candy Crush.

We hoped this list helped! If you would like a few more pointers on traveling, feel free to explore our blog!

Happy travels from Waypoint Homes! What’s your go-to travel accessory?

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