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4 Tips For a Healthier Meal

4 Tips For a Healthier Meal

Food is a beautiful thing. Laced with so many rich flavors and excellent spices, great food also provides us with necessary nutrients our bodies need!

With that said, it is important to ensure we eat a balanced meal. There are a number of ways we like to define this. Check out these 4 easy tips to healthy eating!

Color your plate


Do your best to incorporate a variety of color on your plate. For a healthy fix, scoop in greens, reds, and yellows. If meat is your fancy, add in your favorite protein to seal the deal. Your meal just became a bit more festive!

Avoid large plates


Using a large plate or bowl instantly increases your chances for a heavier meal. Opt for small to medium-sized plates for your foods. This helps you portion what you’re eating, and promotes a well balanced diet. You’ll be surprised what a good-sized meal can do for you.

Drink H2O before your meal


We’re definitely believers of this old trick! Incorporating some water before a meal is a great way to get full faster, so you eat less. Nobody likes to feel sluggish and uncomfortable after a meal. Portion control with this quick tip.

Eat slower



By far our favorite tip of the day! Eating slower helps you work on portion control. Your brain takes a bit longer to register your body is full, so this way, you also increase your chances of eating less.

There are a number of creative and fun ways to eat healthier, but these few tips can definitely get you started!

What are some of your favorite ways to eat healthier? Let us know!

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