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4 Fun Ways To Work Out With Your Dog

4 Fun Ways To Work Out With Your Dog

Things are going to heat up within the next few months, and with the summertime comes a yearning to embrace a more active lifestyle. We understand that finding the time and motivation to workout can be daunting but there are much more engaging and creative ways to incorporate a workout into your daily schedule (psst, we have a blog about home workouts right here). 

But we’re here to talk about one furry friend in particular: dogs! We can all agree that dogs are awesome, but did you know that they can also make great workout partners? Here you can find some fun ways to keep both yourself and your furry friend active and healthy!


This seems to be the most obvious workout for the dog but there are several ways to make this a great activity for you as well. You can run around and make your dog work for the next throw or you can even try racing them towards the prize (good luck trying to beat them though)!

Keep On Moving

Jogging is an excellent way to keep both you and your dog moving and jumpstart your metabolism. You can find a nice park to run around in or take advantage of this opportunity to explore your neighborhood! If you feel comfortable, you can even strap on some skates and let your dog do the leading (we don’t recommend this if your pup is new to walking, who knows where they’ll go).

Doga (Dog Yoga)

Yes, Doga is a thing and yes, it is amazing. This form of exercise offers all of the regular health benefits of yoga and can lead to a stronger bond with your favorite pup. Neither you nor your dog has to be yoga experts to practice this activity! Doga welcomes all levels of yoga practitioners. You can find more information about proper poses and benefits here.

Take A Hike

For all the nature lovers out there, this one’s for you! Hiking is a great way to put your mind at ease and keep your body active.  Whether you’re taking a well-paved path or taking a less traveled scenic route, hiking can be enjoyable for both you and your dog so long as you follow proper preparation and safety precautions. We recommend reading up on these tips from the outdoor experts at REI.

We hope this helped! If you want other pet tips then check out the Pet Lovers section of our blog!

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