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4 Fall Décor Pieces to Update Your Home

4 Fall Décor Pieces to Update Your Home

It’s here. Did you catch that? The pumpkin-scented aromas, the delight in the orange turning leaf, or how about the overall enchanting scents we’ve all become so familiar with? Yep, that’s right, folks. Fall is finally here.

To commemorate the beginning of a beautiful season, we bring you 4 easy, fall décor pieces to jazz up your space. These festive accents help transition your home into the perfect fall sanctuary.

Candles and Air fresheners


Because candles and air fresheners cure all. There’s always something pleasant about these homely items. They certainly add a touch of fall to your space. You can enjoy the change in season by adding your favorite scents to cute niches and/or table tops. These days, many retail stores carry an assortment, ranging from sugary, cookie smells, to spicy, earthy surprises. If you’ve caught the Pinterest bug, check one of the DIY candles we’ve re-pinned on our page.



Who doesn’t love a festive wreath? Season up your home with a taste of fall by taking part in all things burlap, ribbon, and monogrammed. Wreaths give any abode a seasonal upgrade. Indulge in a craft day for the family and customize your front doors with personalized items. Searching for a little inspo? We are loving the intricate details on this fall wreath pictured here.



It only makes sense we touch on blossoming piles of happiness, aka flowers. Flowers add so much to décor and with the fall season approaching, it’s no different. The beauty of these is they can be used anywhere in the home. Take a clear soap dispenser, fill it up with colorful pebbles, add a stem or two of flowers, and you’ve got yourself a dainty fall fixture for the bathroom counter. Voila!

‘Earth Tones’ Anything


The basic principle behind your fall décor is the inclusion of the perfect colors. Warm browns and neutrals, and dark plums and reds accent any area in your home. Incorporate items like throw blankets and pillows to add a flare for the upcoming season. Check your local thrift stores for these affordable finds.

If fall décor doesn’t quite speak to you, take a look at our other festive finds for additional inspiration!

What’s your favorite item?!


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