3 Reasons To Love Your Waypoint Home

3 Reasons To Love Your Waypoint Home

Here at Waypoint Homes, we provide a list of flexible options every resident needs! Check out a few reasons why we know you will LOVE your Waypoint Home!


Waypoint Home

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6 comments on “3 Reasons To Love Your Waypoint Home”

  1. Jaimied

    Hi just putting my past about waypoint ! No I don’t love waypoint I don’t even like the way they run their business nor treat the clients I have not been happy for half the time I have lived in the home I rent from them. I had many issues and all came down to no help from them. All they did was take take money. Only thing that good came is allowing me to have my pets. I will not be ever going thru waypoint and I won’t even use the name for a friend. Thank you just trying to stop others from falling down the hole.

  2. Yalegnis

    The only best part about Waypoint is that it accepts pets. Every year the rent is increased more and more. They don’t care if the tenant always pays in time and when you take the decision of not renewing the lease they send an inspector to check the property. When you received the inspection report you realized that the report contain inconsistent things about the real condition of the property. The only objective of the inspection is to charge you for everything including the previous house conditions because the final result is to keep your security deposit.
    And yes this was my personal experience so I hope that this comment helps another person before they decide to rent with Waypoint Homes.

    • waypointhomes

      Hi Yalegnis,

      Unfortunately, rent is market driven, so as market increases and inflation goes up, it typically reflects on rental rate. Per your rental agreement, the rental rate signed for is only valid for the dates listed on the lease. In order to officially dispute the charge you must submit a letter in writing to our corporate address for review. (Standard protocol) Please write a brief summary of your dispute and send to our corporate address (8665 East Hartford Drive Suite 200 Scottsdale AZ, 85255) explaining the charge in question. Upon receipt of the letter, we will conduct an internal review and make corrections if applicable. This must be done within 15 days of receiving the letter containing your move out charges.

      Thank you,
      Waypoint Homes

  3. Lisa Midgette

    We rented a property in Hendersonvill, TN and Sandra Walker was our property manager. She is awesome! Very helpful, answering our calls and emails, providing us with helpful information. It is a pleasure dealing with her!!!


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