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3 great places for Frozen Yogurt in Phoenix

3 great places for Frozen Yogurt in Phoenix

I love frozen yogurt. There was no way to start this article, other than to tell you,  ‘fro yo’ is simply amazing. I crave it weekly and something tells me I’m probably not the only one. To make life easier, I’ve compiled a list for you. It’s a short list, of a few of my favorite places to find frozen yogurt, here in Phoenix. You’ll hopefully thank me later! Enjoy.


Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt is just great. It’s good to know you can count on a location with staples. Here you’ll find variations of your classic vanilla, chocolate and strawberry cast of characters. Zoyo provides delicious seasonal and spontaneous flavors as well. The New York cheesecake is definitely a treat for many. With over 10 locations in the valley, count on a burst of flavor each visit!

frozen yogurtGolden Spoon certainly teases with only 2 locations here in Phoenix, but it is nonetheless a great tease! Red velvet is made deliciously at this frozen yogurt destination. My favorite part is the attention to detail with regard to flavors. There are so many excellent choices to crush your cravings this season, because let’s face it; summer can be a long-term commitment in the valley of the sun.

frozen yogurtAlthough founded in San Fernando Valley, Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt does not disappoint here in Phoenix. Take your pick from all 6 locations and you can guarantee the cookie dough monster will make you smile.  A few things I noticed on my last visit were the bright, vibrant colors, and excellent décor. You have to admit, this adds to the joy of the yogurt experience!

frozen yogurt

I definitely encourage you to try any one of these three. There are clearly a number of other spots to scoop up this fall, or any other season for that matter. So grab a friend, make it a solo or family appearance, and indulge in some frozen yogurt! What are some of your favorites? Let us know!

If frozen yogurt isn’t for you, stay in the loop and check out our other great recipes for other tasty inspirations!





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