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24 Miles Of Hiking Trails To Enjoy In Denver

24 Miles Of Hiking Trails To Enjoy In Denver

Colorado is beautiful during this time of year, going into summer. Take advantage of the gorgeous weather, by enjoying the outdoors with these great trail spots I have listed below:

Cherry Creek Trail


Length – 11.2 miles

Difficulty – Easy

This is the perfect trail if you are looking for a relaxing walk, with moderate traffic, that runs through Denver, while passing many attractions along the way. This trail will pass by Cherry Creek Mall, Four Mile Historic Park, Denver Sister City Parks, Denver Country Club, and Cherry Creek Country Club. It is a great choice if you don’t want to travel too far out of the city and still want to explore a little bit.

Dakota Ridge and Red Rock Trail Loop


Length – 5.9 miles

Difficulty – Hard

This trail is open year round and is a great choice if the main goal is to enjoy nature. You will see wildflowers, wildlife, and serene scenic views. This trail has moderate traffic and is the most difficult on the list.

Maxwell Falls Lower Trail


Length – 4.2 miles

Difficulty – Moderate

This trail is further away from Denver, but definitely worth it! You will be in the heart of nature with options to camp, go horseback riding, and bring your dog (leash required). Don’t forget to check out the waterfall! It is a relaxing site to behold.

Sloan Lake Park


Length – 2.6 miles

Difficulty – Easy

Sloan Lake Park is located at the western end of Denver and offers the serene view of Sloan Lake. Due to its close proximity to town, you will find moderate traffic on this trail. If you are looking for a nice quick stroll, this is the trail option for you.

Now that I’ve shared some of the trails I found interesting, you can check out more Colorado trails here. For the adventurers out there, check out our list of great travel sites.

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