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10 Home Hacks To Get You Through The Season

10 Home Hacks To Get You Through The Season

We’re still in the midst of these harsh, (some may say pleasant) winter months. Why not tack on an extra helping of home hacks to get you through the remainder of the season?

Let’s get into 10 of our best winter home hacks!

Use Your Oven As Much As Possible


We know you’ve been eyeing that recipe your aunt gave you over Thanksgiving so now is your chance to try it out! Get cooking and let the heat of your oven fill your home with succulent scents and toasty warmth all season long.

Electric Heating Blankets


Turn the thermostat down a few clicks and get warm with a blanket instead! Electric heating blankets are very minimal on electricity usage. They are also insulated to keep you warm and toasty while you finish up those TV shows you’ve been holding off on!

Break Out The Candles


Sick and tired of that holiday ham smelling up your home? Turn down the heat and light up some scented candles.  Spread the warmth while refreshing the air in your home. You’ll be surprised by what a few flames can do to heat up your space!

DIY Draft Snake


Trying to keep the cold out and the heat in? Roll up some old towels as a shield for the drafty base of doors and windows.

Disposable Razor VS Sweater Pills


Keep a disposable razor handy to combat those pesky balls of fabric on your favorite sweaters. Gently shave the razor downward following the grain of the fabric to keep your winter sweaters looking snug and warm all the time!

 DIY Hand Warmers


Keep those puppies warm with some DIY hand warmers! Pour rice into a 2-inch by 2-inch pocket of fabric (that t-shirt you were going to throw works perfectly) and use a simple blanket stitch to sew it closed. Pop them in the microwave for a minute before you head out for the day!

Socks Over Windshield Wipers To Prevent Freezing


If you’re familiar with a snowy winter you’ve experienced the dread of de-icing the car. Use an old pair of socks to slip over your windshield wipers the night before a big snow, and you’ll have one less task to worry about the next morning!

Automatic Thermostat Timer


Set up an automatic timer on your thermostat to keep your energy bill low and your home warm! Next, set it to turn off an hour or two after you’ve fallen asleep at night, and to turn back on before you wake up in the morning. You can also turn it off before leaving the house and have it activate on your way back from a long day bearing the icy winds.

Bubble Wrap On Windows


Don’t have the time or funds for high-end window insulators? Simply secure packaging bubble wrap to your windows to keep the heat in and the cold out on the chilliest of winter days.

Park Your Car Facing East


 If your parking space allows it, park your car with the front bumper facing east then in the morning, the rising sun will speed up the process of defrosting your icy vehicle before you leave for work!

We’re loving the simplicity of these tricks and tips especially made for the chilly, winter season. List some of your tips you use to combat the frigid cold. What’s your favorite? Let us know!

Don’t forget we’ve also got the scoop on how you can make sure your home is winter ready here!

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