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Declutter Your Home In 10 Easy Steps

Declutter Your Home In 10 Easy Steps

Not sure where to start with decluttering your home? Don’t worry! We have some great ideas for you to try out. From donating to 5-minute steps, you’re going to feel great after you finish. Let’s begin!

  1. Fill a trash bag of junk. This is definitely the place to start. Walk around your home, open drawers, check under the bed, look everywhere and just toss things! Try to fill a trash bag with all of your unwanted items and you’ll feel mighty accomplished.


  1. Donate clothes that you haven’t worn in the past 8 months. This is a big step to make, and once you do it, it just gets easier! Trust me when I say, it’s hard and will take you some time. I used to get really attached to my clothes but when I got to thinking about it, there were so many items I rarely wore. I got rid of them and didn’t even feel sad! There are many others out there who can truly appreciate what you don’t need, so be sure to donate them.


  1. Do the 12-12-12 challenge. This is a fun one! Roam around your house and find 12 things to donate, 12 things to toss, and 12 things to put back where they belong. You can do this periodically, about 4 times a year. And the best part, it won’t take you too long to complete. If you have kids, suggest they do the same for some double action!


  1. Designate a box for your sentimental items. I am an incredibly sentimental person and still have cards, notes, t-shirts and more from my childhood that I just can’t bring myself to part with. They aren’t things I need to use or look at every day, but things I don’t want to get rid of completely. To compromise, I put them in a box and stored them away in my spare bedroom closet. Out of sight, but not out of mind!


  1. Inventory your refrigerator and pantry. In my opinion, this is the greatest step you can take, and the more you do it, the better you’ll feel! Once a month, go through your pantry and your fridge and toss anything that is expired or unusable. Don’t forget the freezer! If its freezer burned, it’s got to go. The first time I did this, I realized how wasteful I was being so the exercise has definitely helped me to be more conscience of this. We also have a blog on organizing your pantry, which will help you out, too!


  1. Clean out drawers. Pick a drawer to clean and just dump all of its contents on the counter. Then, sift through everything and toss what you don’t need! And while it may seem out of character for this blog, designate a junk drawer. There’s no shame in having one, and it really helps with all of those miscellaneous items! Just don’t let it get out of control.


  1. Organize your wires. Sounds simple, and that’s the point! Grab some rubber bands or zip ties and have at it. I start cord by cord, folding them as small as they can be to reach the outlet. Once that’s done, I hold them all together with a large rubber band or string and place them behind my entertainment center, TV, nightstand, and desk! This will make a huge difference, and also help if you need to disconnect something quickly.


  1. Buy a filing cabinet. A no-brainer. I am the worst about letting papers pile up on my desk or stuffing them in a drawer. The problem with that is when I can’t find what I’m looking for and have to sort through everything to find one document. Instead, go out and buy a filing cabinet then sort your stuff! I have folders for each car, my pet (shots records, county registration, etc.), wedding planning, tax receipts and more! If you have kids, start with them each having their own folder.


  1. Purchase a shoe rack. A shoe rack is quite possibly the best purchase I’ve made in the past five years. After contemplating and needing one for a long time, I finally grabbed one at Ikea and it’s awesome! These racks will make it easy for you to spot your shoes and keep pairs together – no more piling up! Here is the shoe rack I bought.


  1. Rank your products. Bear with me, this is a weird one but makes sense once you do it. Do this separately for your laundry, bathroom and pantry items. In each room, organize it into three groups: use daily, use often, use rarely. The daily items should be in front, followed by the often used and then rarely used. This way, you’ll be able to grab what you need quickly! Also, while you do this, throw away unneeded items.

Now that you have some ideas to declutter, go get started! Create a calendar of when you’re going to do each idea, and stick with it! And as always, share your tips and tricks with us! We love to know what you’re doing in your home.


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Casey Edwards is the Online Reputation Coordinator and has a background in Social Media and Marketing communications. She has lived all over the west coast, in Northern California, Oregon, and Arizona. She is an animal lover, Disney nerd, and Beatles fanatic. Though Casey is an Arizona State alum, she is a huge Oregon Ducks and Michigan Wolverines fan. You can find her on any weekend during the fall watching every football game possible.

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