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10 Maintenance Tips To Save You Time and Money

10 Maintenance Tips To Save You Time and Money

Home maintenance can sometimes become an unruly task. It’s no secret most of us try to avoid the strenuous duties in efforts to save time. The downside is allowing the quick fixes to turn into lengthy, expensive restoration projects.

Want to know how you can avoid the hassle? Take notes on 10 easy fixes you can implement to save you time, and more importantly money!

  • Be sure to change your AC filters every 2 – 3 weeks during the summer months. For the remainder of the seasons, changing every 1-2 months will do.
  • Avoid using pleated filters as they make it difficult to pull air into the system.
  • Slider doors in the homes can be lubed with Lithium or even Teflon lube so they maintain flexibility.
  • Do your best to inspect all smoke detector batteries yearly.
  • All range hood filters should be cleaned monthly.
  • Although a simple task, checking the dryer vent for lint build-up prevents blocked air flow.
  • Make a point to check trees and shrubs to ensure they are not touching the home or other nearby structures.
  • The water build-up from shower heads can be removed by using CLR (Calcium, Lime, and Rust remover)
  • Each quarter, be sure to tighten all doorknobs and handles in the home.
  • Always double check GFCI’s because they may be the culprit of power outages.

For additional tips and tricks to stay on top of your Waypoint home after you’ve moved in, browse through our guide here!

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